This is me and my faithful studio companion, Bridge. Photo by Rūta Elvikytė

This is me and my faithful studio companion, Bridge. Photo by Rūta Elvikytė


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In person: 

Avondale Therapy in Charleston, SC

Northpointe Bank in Park Circle, North Charleston.

I am currently working on a body of paintings from very small to extra large. They are abstracted views of my garden and manifestations of really deep thoughts. Ever since I was a child, I have been very serious.  It shows in my work with themes of social justice and concerns for Mother Nature.

Mark making, seeing the marks, building layers, acknowledging or infusing elements and principles of design is how I teach and how I make art. I believe it is basically how art has been made since the beginning of humankind. The process of making art for me always harkens back to my first days of scribbling and coloring. My mother showed me that if you moved the crayon in an oval pattern many times, the oval would become a cat’s body. Add a circle and see the cat appear. I could even make it real with details.

The realism is less important in my work now but the process is always the same. I listen to the voice of my mother, that of my teachers, and ultimately that voice inside me. Many artists talk about being intuitive. For me that is letting go of the directions and steps of the art manuals and letting all that has been synthesized just flow out. Like riding a bike. Or that experience of driving for a long time and realizing upon arrival that there was no awareness of the road or mechanics for a long period of time. When I paint, I am scribbling with NeoClassics (fancy crayons), reaching for colors, pouring directly on the surface, scratching out layers, adding textures and other materials.  

 I am a passionate teacher who gets to explore art with children, adults, and occasionally some extraordinary young adults with special needs.

CV available upon request.

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